Health Horoscope

Virgo And Health Horoscope (23 August – 22 September)

Almost all of you will have a middle stature are slender and also a dark complexion and dark brown hair. Virgos often times have round faces, delicate features along with a small shrill voice. You will have a well-composed body. The indication of Virgo rules the abdominal organs, duodenum along with the bowls- not too flattering I realize however, some sign’s reached rule these areas. However, Virgo also governs the fingernails and several of yourself have nails which a girl would kill for. Your state of health worries are usually linked to bowels so get your fibre.

Libra And Health Horoscope (23 September – 23 October)

Tall and stylish having a round face Librans steel the show from the beauty stakes. Many have auburn hair a precise complexion and bright blue eyes. The symbol of Libra governs the adrenals, kidneys, along with the vasomotor system that happen to be probably beautiful too bur unfortunately can’t be observed. However Libra also governs your skin layer which suggests you’ll remain beautiful into aging. The illnesses you need to guard against include kidney complaints and bladder disorders.

Scorpio And Health Horoscope (23 October – 21 November)

Most Scorpios are strong and robust. They may have broad faces dusty complexions and brown bush hair. Their eyes are often dark and so they have thick necks. In the down side their legs are usually bowed and are likely to be hairy. But that’s probably other Scorpios- not you. The symbol of Scorpio governs the bladder colon, prostate and nasal bones. And, surprise, surprise, it governs the sexual organs. Scorpios needs to be careful of hernias and could experience menstrual disorders.

Sagittarius And Health Horoscope (22 November – 21 December)

Sagittarians are active and in most cases strong and tall. These are good-looking with fine clear eyes. They frequently have chestnut hair as well as a Grecian nose. They search at their finest using a sun tan. Sagittarius governs the hip thighs along with the sciatic nerve which can be parts of complaint for you personally. You possess both strong bones and muscles.