Healthy Diet

healthy-dietWe believe that disease and poor health are caused by the interaction of three main factors:

  1. food toxins;
  2. malnourishment; and
  3. chronic infections by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.

All three of these factors can be (and must be!) addressed by diet.

With the proper diet, the human body has amazing recuperative powers. We believe that the proper diet, in combination with appropriate nutritional supplementation and antimicrobial therapies, will help:

  1. Prevent and mitigate or cure the common diseases of aging – cancer, heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and obesity.
  2. Cure or slow progression of autoimmune and chronic diseases.
  3. Maintain youthful vitality and good health to a ripe old age.

We believe that proper healthy diets will work a revolution in medicine. The majority of the chronic and degenerative diseases that afflict modern society are caused by bad diets and cannot be cured until the diet is fixed. Much of what people consider “aging” is, in fact, infectious disease aggravated by a bad diet.

Scientists have overlooked the microbial origin of chronic diseases because antibiotics and other drugs are ineffective under western diets. Yet when the diet is healthy, many diseases spontaneously cure, and antibiotic drugs work wonders. This medical revolution must be preceded by a rethinking of dietary science. Conventional dietary advice is mostly mistaken. Emerging science and the experience of millions who have adopted “Paleo” style diets is now correcting those errors.