How to Relieve Asthma at Home

asthma-cureIf you have asthma, you’re hardly alone; the disease is on the rise in most developed nations. Researchers think that one reason is that children are rarely exposed to the germs, insects, and just plain dirt that older generations rubbed elbow with, so their immune systems never learn to react appropriately to these essentially harmless substances. A combination of genes and environment leads to an overly sensitive airway that reacts to trigger like airborne pollutants, allergens, or cold air by releasing inflammatory chemicals that leads to swelling of the bronchial tubes in the lungs, often accompanied by extra mucus production. Studies find that adults raised on farms are much less likely to have asthma. While it’s too late to go back and relieve your childhood, there’s plenty you can do to prevent attacks if you already have asthma. According to Australian researchers, brief, regular exposure to ultraviolet light, found in sunlight, can suppress certain immune reactions, including those that trigger asthma symptoms – at least in mice. But wait for a UV light therapy to be developed, since too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer.

Allergy-proof Your House
More than half of all homes have at least six detectable allergens, and the reminders have at least three. And here’s a real gross-out figure more than a third of American homes has levels of mouse allergens high enough to contribute to asthma the higher the allergen levels in your house, you or your children are to have asthma. Here are suggestions for targeting those asthma-causing mouse and cockroach allergens.