How to Relieve Asthma at Home

Use Hypoallergenic Mattress And Pillow Covers
One study found that these not only reduced the number of dust mines in the bed but also enabled children with asthma so to cut their dose of inhales steroids by at least 50 percent.

See An Allergist
You’re likely to have fewer problems controlling your asthma had less severe symptoms if you care is provided by an allergist instead of a primary care physician. You’re also less likely to be hospitalized, go to the emergency room, or overuse rescue medication (a sign of uncontrolled asthma).

Serve Salmon Twice A Week
A study of the dietary habits of 13,000 adults that those who ate fish twice a week were 30 percent less likely to have a asthma than those who ate it once a month or less often and about 36 percent less likely to have asthma symptoms like wheezing. One explanation may be the anti-inflammatory benefits of fatty fish like salmon and mackerel. Asthma is first and foremost an immune system disease, in which immune cells overreact to triggers by pumping out inflammatory chemicals that narrow airways.

Stay Away From Traffic
Diesel exhaust (think truck and buses) can cause serious problems for people with asthma. Just walking along busy streets can significantly reduce lung capacity and increase inflammation in people with asthma, probably because of tiny particles of dust and soot in the exhaust that are inhaled deep into the blood.

Take An Aspirin Every Other Day
Check with your doctor first, but if it’s okay, taking a small dose (100 milligrams) of aspirin every other day could cut your risk of developing asthma by 10 percent if you’re women who isn’t obese. If you’re man, you need a higher dose (325 milligrams), but the benefits are also higher – a risk reduction of 22 percent.