If You Want To Lose Weight, Exercise!

Exercise Is Only One Piece Of The Overall Puzzle

Experts say that you need to remember that exercise is merely one piece of a successful weight loss program.

Exercise and eating aren’t completely separate issue. They are very closely connected. There are too many people who believe that doing large amounts of exercise gives them the excuse to eat anything they want.

These days, unfortunately, food is everywhere you turn. Barnes & Noble has cheesecake and Home Depot carries candy bars. Kids have a hard time believing that gas stations used to only have gas. Portions are also seriously out of control – look at how big those plates are at your favorite restaurant.

It is a lot easier not eating calories in the first place than it is trying to burn them off.

Also remember that successful weight loss is all about keeping that weight off once you lose it.

Losing weight isn’t hard to do. Anybody can lose weight. The hard part is keeping it off. The people combining both exercise and diet are the ones who end up keeping it off.

What about metabolism? So many individuals who have struggled when trying to lose weight think that their metabolism is unusually slow.

There is a very good chance that you don’t actually have slow metabolism. Out of all of the metabolisms that we have check (and we do this every day) it is very rare. In fact, I can’t recall even one that was legitimately slow.

Truthfully, larger individuals have higher metabolisms simply from being larger. Metabolism is all about the amount of mass you have. The greater your mass is, the more energy you are able to burn from just sitting around.