Benefits of Coenzyme Q10

Health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 – CoQ10
Several pictures springs to mind if somebody mentions the supplement Coenzyme Q10 (also referred to as CoQ10). One is that of the heart. I see this big, red pumping muscle contracting and relaxing. In the heart cells are tiny explosions where energy is being created. Within these cells I see the spark plug. The spark plug is CoQ10.

Without coenzyme Q10, heart cells could hardly produce energy, known as ATP. Although the heart is the most famous center of operations for CoQ10, it’s present in other body cells as well-and in all of them, it’s body cells as well-and in all of them, it’s very important to energy production.

But the heart suffers most when there’s an absence of CoQ10. It beats slowly. Its contractions are wimpy. Its rhythm goes awry. When a heart doesn’t have sufficient CoQ10 for proper electrical conduction, it suffers as it starves and, not surprisingly, the whole circulatory system pays the price.

Fortunately, when new CoQ10 comes on the scene, recovery can be noticeable and rapid. As CoQ10 saturates the heart cells, life returns; the heart resumes its strong, regular number of rhythmical contractions; tissues fill with more oxygen as blood flow improves; and energy abounds.