CoQ10: Atherosclerosis and High Blood Pressure

When cholesterol along with other fatty substances go through an oxidation process in the arteries, they begin to damage blood vessel walls. Consequently, plaque builds up as your immune system reacts to what’s going on inside the blood vessel. When this process continues undeterred, it can lead to the blocked condition commonly called “hardening of the arteries”, or atherosclerosis. However that process could be slowed or stopped if you make dietary changes and use coenzyme Q10 to inhibit the oxidation of cholesterol and other fatty substances in the body.

High Blood Pressure
Coenzyme Q10 can be very helpful for blood pressure. From a study published in Pharmacotherapy, more than 50% of patients with high blood pressure were able to stop taking between one and three blood pressure medicines just four months, after starting CoQ10 supplements!

Taking 120 mg daily of CoQ10 for 3 months significantly lowered systolic blood pressure by about 26% in some I people with isolated systolic hypertension CoQ10 can help lower blood pressure for those with type 2 diabetes and those on existing medications.