The Right CoQ10 Dosage

co-q10-2Getting the Right CoQ10 Dosage
If your health is fine but you just want to take coenzyme Q10 for prevention, I’d recommend 50 to 100 mg daily. It docs make sense to supplement with CoQ10, whatever the state of your health, as cardiovascular disease can sneak up on just about anyone (it’s the leading cause of death in the United States) and CoQ10 is probably the best antioxidants for the entire cardiovascular network.

For those who have cardiovascular disease or any other serious illness (such as cancer), you should take between 300 and 450 mg daily.

CoQ10 is available in various forms. You can find soft gel capsules, sublingual tablet, and powder-filled capsules. Coenzyme Q10 creams are now available as well, to help you prevent aging of the skin. CoQ10 is best taken with meals.