If You Want To Lose Weight, Exercise!

How much exercise and what kind is best when you are attempting to lose weight?

If somebody were to tell you right now what the best exercise was for losing weight, would you actually do it? You actually might after reading this. Let’s have a drum roll.

The absolute best exercise for losing weight is: whatever exercise you will actually do.

Thee are two main things that stop individuals from losing weight when it comes to exercise. These two things are injury or boredom.

The truth of the matter is, weight loss is all about getting a calorie deficit created. In other words, you must burn more calories than you consume. So although an 8-minute-mile running pace may be great for burning calories, if won’t help you at all unless you can and will do it. What you should do instead is start out with something you can do such as working out on an exercise bike or elliptical machine or walking.

The Real Truth About Strength Training

However, in all cases, you will burn more calories through aerobic (cardio) exercise than you will with resistance or strength training.

Strength training by itself won’t lead to losing an appreciable amount of weight simple because it doesn’t burn a sufficient amount of calories.

However, what about all of the discussion about increased muscle mass equating to more calories burned, including when you are rest?

This is basically a myth. Don’t count on this happening.

The only studies to successfully show significant calorie burn after a weight lifting session (afterburn) were conducted with serious lifters, who worked out for 60-90 minutes and lifted as much weight as they could for every set.

Gaining one extra pound of muscle can help you with burning 5-10 extra calories per day. However, you could do the same thing chewing gum.

That doesn’t mean strength training is not beneficial for your body’s overall health. However, opt for cardiovascular exercise if you want to burn the most calories. Be sure to vary the intensity.

You should perform aerobic base-building workouts. This involves alternating between higher and moderate intensity, either on alternate days or within the same workout.

Get creative. For instance, if you happen to be a golfer, walk the course with your clubs instead of using the cart. You will burn more calories and do what you love all at that same time.