A Fruits & Vegetable Juicing Diet for Arthritis

Benefits of Juicing

The Arthritis Foundation notes that poor nutrition, loss of appetite because of pain and fatigue, and food sensitivities may increase joint pain. Juicing fruits and vegetables provides the body a variety of minerals, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. Fresh juices are really simple to digest and enable for increased nutrient absorption. Juicing could help enhance the immune system and may even improve the elimination of toxins, reducing arthritis symptoms. Including an omega-3 fatty acid, for example flax oil and ginger in juices, may help to reduce joint inflammation and increase the anti-inflammatory effects. Dark leafy greens, garlic, non-acidic fruits, pineapple and tart cherries can be juiced to ease pain and inflammation.

Eating raw fruit and vegetables provides the body vitamins and minerals and the addition of fiber, most of which is lost during the juicing process. Fiber is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, which could change the seriousness of arthritis symptoms. Additional clinical studies needed to validate if juiced fruits and vegetables are healthier than eating them whole. When juicing, choose organic produce whenever you can. Don’t use a juicing diet as a primary course of treatment for arthritis.