How to Clear Up Eczema

skin-eczema2Could itchy skin be worse than a life-threatening health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure? When scientist asked 92 adults with severage eczema about the quality of their daily lives, they reported that having one of those serious medical problems might be easier than dealing with itchy, bumpy, scaly, skin all the time. Half said they would trade up two hours a day of their lives for normal skin, and 74 vowed they’d spend over $1,000 for a cure. Experts are still trying to identify the culprits behind eczema. While the causes aren’t fully understood, allergies, dry skin, and low levels of a skin-protecting protein may play roles. But eczema eruptions don’t have to rule your life. These strategies can help you avoid flare-ups and outsmart the “itch, scratch, itch” cycle that can make skin worse when you do have one.

Avoid Hidden Trigger
Many everyday can rub hypersensitive skin the wrong way. Among them: perfumes and dyes in laundry and personal care products, dust, cigarette smoke, walking barefoot in sand (or letting it rub the creases of your legs or arms at the beach), and chlorine or bromine left on the skin after swimming in a pool or soaking a hot tub. Avoid them or get them off your skin as soon as possible. Sunburn is another trigger.