How Much Exercise Do I Need To Do To Lose Weight?

You do the math: To lose one pound you must burn 3,500 calories. So if you burn 300 calories in a workout, then to lose one pound would take almost 12 workouts to accomplish. However, if you reduce the amount of calories you consume by 300 calories and also burn 300 calories through exercise, then it will take half as long for you to lose one pound.


If you are trying to lose weight, aim for 200 minutes at least (over three hours) per week of moderate intensity exercising with everything else staying consistent. If you are planning to exercise and cut calories, you can do a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise (2 1/2 hours) per week.

If you are just starting out, begin with 50 minutes of exercise per week and then work your way up to 200 minutes.

You didn’t gain those 20 pounds in just the past six months; so you won’t lose it all in the next six months either.

People don’t like hearing about how they need to be patient. Instant gratification is what most people are looking for these days. However, the cold, hard reality is that in order to lose weight and also keep it off for good, takes a lot of hard work. No one can lose weight and then keep it off without putting in effort.

The following are eight tips that can help stick with your weight loss workouts and achieve your goals.

If You Want To Lose Weight, Exercise!

How much exercise and what kind is best when you are attempting to lose weight?

If somebody were to tell you right now what the best exercise was for losing weight, would you actually do it? You actually might after reading this. Let’s have a drum roll.

The absolute best exercise for losing weight is: whatever exercise you will actually do.

Thee are two main things that stop individuals from losing weight when it comes to exercise. These two things are injury or boredom.

The truth of the matter is, weight loss is all about getting a calorie deficit created. In other words, you must burn more calories than you consume. So although an 8-minute-mile running pace may be great for burning calories, if won’t help you at all unless you can and will do it. What you should do instead is start out with something you can do such as working out on an exercise bike or elliptical machine or walking.