Foods With Probiotics That Help Digestion

probiotics2Probiotics are named after the types of good bacteria they’re part of, plus the subspecies (for example, Lactobacillus ruteri) and are commonly abbreviated (L. ruteri).

With regards to probiotic foods, most people think only of yogurt. However, many societies throughout the world have recognized the health benefits of other cultured foods that are rich in probiotics. Many interesting and tasty options abound. Kefir is a drink produced from fermented milk and grains and can be found in health-food stores and some grocery stores. Japanese consume miso and tempeh, both of which include fermented soybeans and are easily available in North America. Other examples include a food ingested by the Koreans generally known as kimchi (a spicy vegetable dish), German sauerkraut, and Southeast Asian fermented fish sauces and pastes, common in Thai foods. Pretty much every cuisine includes, some kind of probiotic-rich food.