Can Saw Palmetto Stop Baldness ?

Recently, some companies have already been offering remedies which help balding men re-grow their hair, and the advertisements mention a “special natural herb” that prevents high levels of DHT from building up in the scalp. That herb could simply be saw palmetto. I haven’t seen reports of studies on saw palmetto and baldness, and I would not expect impressive effects, however I have not seen any proof to refute the claims.

Saw palmetto is among the most popular herbal hair loss treatment, even though it doesn’t have the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or large-scale scientific tests to back its use for hair loss.

As of 2011, minoxidil and finasteride were the only two hair loss treatments authorized by the FDA. Many over-the-counter hair-loss treatments, for example Provillus, include things like minoxidil packaged along with other treatments in order to claim FDA approval, even though the only approved item in the package is minoxidil.

The absence of an FDA approval doesn’t mean saw palmetto won’t function as a hair-loss treatment, only that it has not been proven to work in clinical settings. It is not likely saw palmetto will ever receive FDA approval, since it is not patented and it usually costs millions of dollars to execute the tests the FDA requires.