Benefit of Fish oil Containing Omega 3s Fatty Acids

The majority of people, unfortunately, delay until they’ve had a heart attack before taking the measures that they could and should have taken years before. True, there are actually inherited factors which will make some people more prone than others to heart attack-specifically, homocysteine and blood choleseterol levels just are generally higher in some people than in others. But the majority heart attacks are due to lifestyle and diet factors.


Gary had done enough reading to understand that. It was one good reason he wished to begin an aggressive program to maintain his heart as healthy as you can. Among the list of strategies we discussed were stress reduction, exercise, a number of lab tests, and, of course, diet and supplements. I stressed the significance of omega-3 fatty acids present in fish, especially cold-water fish for example salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines. Most importantly, I recommended fish-oil supplements to optimize the amount of these heart-healthy fatty acids. As part of a total strategy for heart health, the regular consumption of fish oil could, potentially, add decades to his life span. I also revealed how fish oil was among the best substances, out of the natural or pharmaceutical categories, to relieve inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation underlies many chronic diseases.