Can Milk Thistle Cure Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis means severe liver damage. Lliver tissue could be scarred by the effects of alcoholism, drugs or liver infections like hepatitis. When blood tests show high liver enzymes, it’s an indication that liver scarring or cirrhosis has possibly occurred. In a well-controlled study of 105 people with cirrhosis, researchers compared hose who took 420 mg of silymarin with people who (unknowingly, of course) were taking a placebo. After around 41 months, it was found those in the placebo group had almost twice the mortality rate as those in the silymarin group. Even though the researchers acknowledged that milk thistle does not cure cirrhosis, this study provided compelling evidence that silymarin can increase the survival rate of people with this disease.

Everybody is able to take advantage of detoxification. A month or two of milk thistle supplementation “does a liver good” and, of course, the effects are even greater when supplementation is combined with a good program of dieting and exercise. There are benefits for the immunity mechanism, as well since it is much less burdened with toxins. In fact, I’d be skeptical of any detoxification formula that doesn’t contain milk thistle, It does such a superior job that, most high-quality detoxification supplements will include it as one of the main ingredients in a formula.