10 Tips for Creating a Theme Birthday Party

Your child has selected a super special, must-have theme for her birthday party! How exciting!

Wait. Now what?

Consider these tips for weaving a theme throughout the threads of a party plan; it’s easier than you might think.

1. Invitations

Let’s face it, often we choose to send generic, pre-printed invitations, even for a theme party, just because it’s easier. After all, as long as it spells out the time, date and location, it gets the job done, right? That may be true, but when planning a theme party, the invitation might also be considered the party’s first impression, and a fun way to get guests excited about the theme right from the start.

Creating an invitation to match your theme doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Even DIY invitations can be as simple as printing a flyer on computer paper that includes clipart or images that represent the party theme. These tips for making your own theme party invitations can help you on your way to creating a fun “sneak preview” for your future party guests.