Chlorella can help make better breast milk

Dioxins are chemical toxins formed from chlorine-containing materials in waste (such as polyvinylchloride [PVC) plastics) burned in medical and municipal incinerators or from the burning of fuels such as wood, coal, or oil. They are connected with a number of health problems, including cancer developmental and learning problems in kids, and hormone imbalance. They can be passed from the breast milk of a mother to the child. Most dioxins that will get into the human body are ingested from food. A Japanese study gave healthy pregnant women 6g chlorella for six months and after that investigated the effects on dioxin and IgA (a beneficial immune system antibody) concentrations in breast milk. Researchers found chlorella supplementation resulted in reduced dioxin levels and increased levels of IgA.

1. Complementary Cancer Treatment
Chlorella is a gentle nutritional support to help those undergoing conventional cancer treatments. With its concentrated chlorophyll and nutrient content I think it supports more potent detoxification for the cellular waste products generated by these treatments. One study discovered that taking chlorella tablets (up to 20g daily plus 150 ml liquid extract daily) may also help people with brain tumors (glioma) better tolerate chemotherapy and radiation.