How to Relieve Asthma at Home

Mouse Allergens
– Damp-mop your floor daily. The higher levels of mouse “urinary proteins” are found on kitchen floor.
– Seal all cracks and holes in walls and doors, around window frames, and in the attic, as well as well as around wiring entrances to all electrical outlets and light switches and fixtures. They’re perfects entry points for mice. If the cavities are too large to caulk, stuff them with mouse- and roach-repelling steel wool.
– Keep all food in sealed in containers. Cardboard boxes aren’t good enough; mice can easily gnaw through them.
– Use mousetraps. You can buy humane traps that keep the mouse contained until you arrive. Then you can set it free far, far away.

Cockroach Allergens
– Store open boxes of food in your refrigerator, not your pantry.
– Make a natural spray with two ounces of eucalyptus or peppermint oil gallon water. Then spray kitchen, outside, around water pipes – anywhere you’ve seen roaches or suspect they may be gaining entry.
– Sprinkle a thin layer of boric acid where you’ve seen the insects.
– Kill them with poisoned bait (a concoction of flour, cocoa, oatmeal, boric acid, and plaster of Paris should do it). For every roach the concoction kills directly, 20 or 40 more will die from eating poisoned faces.

Check The Scale
Gained a few pounds lately? Noticed your asthma is getting harder to control? It’s not coincidence. You’re 66 percent more likely to have persistent asthma symptoms if you’re obese than if your weight is in the normal range. Why? It may have to do with inflammatory chemicals released from fat cells.